2021 Membership
1.  There is a $50 Annual Fee for Membership
               $350 Non-Working Fee + $50 MEMBERSHIP FEE
2.  If you are over 18 years of age you must have your own
3.  If you are 17 years years of age or younger this application MUST be     
     signed by a parent or guardian.
4. Team Roping is $25.00 for 4 steer.
    Speed Events are $10.00 for 3 events (Beginners are $5.00 for 3 events). 

Membership CAN NOT be in the minor child's name.

Please read the following SRRC rules.
1.It is my understanding that for the continued progress of the
    Suwannee River Riding Club I am required to assist in such work
    necessary to operate and maintain the club and its grounds. 
2.I am required to work with my team in the concession stand,
    announcer’s stand, clean up crew and/or arena. 
3.If I cannot attend, I understand it is my responsibility to have
    someone assume my obligations.  If I do not work, I understand I
    will forfeit my points for the night. 
4. I certify that all horses I bring onto the premises will have a
     current negative coggins test and must provide proof is asked.

2021 Temporary Permit
1.This is a Temporary Permit to the SRRC 
2.This permit is only good for 1 night of events, for one  
      (1) person for either Team Roping or Speed Events to which
      you DO NOT receive any points and will ride at the end of your class.  
3.A Temporary Permit is ONLY good for one event night and can be
     issued to participate as many times as they wish throughout the year.
4.If you are 17 years of age or younger, this application MUST
      be sign by a parent or guardian. Temporary Membership CAN
      NOT be in the minor child's name.
         $ 5 Temporary Permit Membership Fees PLUS
         $ 10 Speed Event  OR $5 Beginner 
         $ 25 Team Roping Exhibition Class  
You can print out your application and bring it with you to any club event or mail membership application and $50 check (made out to SRRC) to:

                                                      SRRC Membership
                                                      P.O. Box 826
                                                      Branford, Fl  32008

Click on the links above to read and print out the 2021 membership application, liability waiver and rules.
 Make sure you read each in it's entirety as there have been some important changes.
 In order to receive year end prizes you MUST work with your team during your assigned event. If you fail to work a night or do not work on your assigned team you will forfeit your points for the night! You are required to work the night you rope or ride.

It is the members responsibility to seek out their director before their assigned event starts to check in and confirm they are present. Failure to do so may result in the forfeit of their points for the night.
It is the directors responsibility to be available while their team is working their assigned event, to confirm that their team members are working and to sign them off for doing so.

Speed Event Classes

Beginner - Child Must Be Led By Responsible Person On Foot Or May Ride Alone With Responsible Person In Arena
No Points or Documented Times In This Class

Pee Wee - Ages 7 and Under (Boys or Girls)

Small Fry - Ages 8-10 (Boys or Girls) 

Junior - Ages 11-13 (Boys or Girls)

Senior - Ages 14-18 (Girls Only)

Powder Puff - Ages 19-38 

Gracie Allen - Ages 39 and Up

Men's - 14 and Up

***Use your age as of January 1st of the current year***

2021 SRRC Membership Information and Rules
2021 Membership Application
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2021 Liability Waiver
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2021 Rules
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Thursday Night Practice Rules
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