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Suwannee River Riding Club
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9132 254th Terrace
Branford, Fl  32008
9132 254th Terrace
Branford, Fl  32008
 Thursday night barrel practice has a few changes. It has always been a requirement to be a member due to insurance reasons and still is. It has been brought to our attention that there have been several non members practicing on Thursday night. 

1. You must me a member to practice due to insurance. This includes riding in and outside of the arena.

2. Practice starts at 7 pm.

3. You must sign up and pay the $5.00 per member fee at the birds nest BEFORE practicing. This is a per member fee and not a per membership fee.

4. If you are not a member you may join that night. Our membership fee is $50.00.

5. During our club events and practice your must have proper riding equipment and attire (boots etc), no bareback, no double riding and WALK ONLY outside the arena unless you are in one of the two designated warm up areas. We are aware there is no light in the back area and are working on that. The second area is on the corner over by the barn. These rules will be strictly enforced to insure the safety of our riders and horses.
Attention SRRC Members:
The Southern Junior Rodeo Association will be riding at our arena on 10/19, 10/20 and 10/21. Our concession stand will be open and will also be serving breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings making it a very long weekend. We need members to come out and help! It is events like this that make our awards so great at the end of the year. There are only a handful of people that keep this club up and running. This needs to change! You don't have to spend the entire day. Just a few hours would be wonderful. Please call or text Jonita Hamlin Summers at 386-365-8960 to sign up. Regular club rides for this weekend have been cancelled.