2019 Team Roping

Team Roping Classes

Class A - Skilled semi pro or elite roper
Class B - Skilled mid level amateur roper
• Class C - Roper is low level novice to low level amateur, skilled but not consistent.
Class D - True beginner. Ropers will be roping a Smarty Roping Machine. This class will earn points based on roping the machine and not on time.

Team Roping Friday nights starting at 8 pm.
Team roping is held on the first, third and fifth weekends. The weekends will be determined by the first Saturday of each month.
Team ropers can miss a total of 5 ropings and still be eligible for year end awards. When the 6th roping is missed that roper will become ineligible for year end awards.
Click on a class for current team roping points.
 Point sheets are pdf files.

A Class
B Class
C Class
D Class